The Miller's Difference

Who Are We?

Darryl grew up on a farm in rural Victoria and, like all farm kids, was helping to install and maintain fences around the property from a very young age. With a long history of rural and farmyard fencing behind him, Darryl later went on to work as a chief marine engineer in Singapore for 12 years, working in offshore oil and gas. After working in engineering and mining projects for almost 20 years he returned to establish Miller’s Fencing, coming full circle back to that young kid on the farm – but with a much more impressive skill set behind him.


Specialists in Timber Fencing

Miller’s has filled a niche for genuine timber fencing specialists, and there is no other company in Bendigo who is doing the sort of work we do. As quality timber fencing specialists we have been working in timber fencing for years, so we know exactly what type of timbers to use under specific circumstances to ensure the best durability, weathering and structural integrity, to minimise warping and bowing. We have an extensive knowledge of options and design styles of timber fencing, and we know when and how to use rails, diagonal bars and spacing like true professionals. We also understand heritage buildings, so we can harmonise with the existing design of the property.


Retaining Wall Experts

Many landscapers construct retaining walls, but they don’t always have a detailed awareness of every requirement from a design perspective. As retaining wall experts with a background in engineering, we have taken a particular interest in creating solid yet aesthetically appealing structures that will last for the long term. We will ensure the longevity of your retaining wall through careful and considered placement, with a complete understanding of the engineering principles required for successful completion. Miller’s has developed special relationships with a number of industry suppliers, in order to ensure high quality products in the best possible time frame.


Importance of Engineering

One of the most common questions we get asked is “When do I need engineering and permits?” As part of our consultation, we will help you identify whether any of these conditions are required, and will handle it on your behalf in order to make the experience completely hassle free. The following information about fencing and retaining wall permits is offered as a general guide only.

Retaining Walls and Permits

Building permits are not required for landscaping and retaining walls that are less than 1 metre in height, as long as they are not associated with other building work or with the protection of an adjoining property.

Building permits are required for retaining walls that are constructed on or near site boundaries where there is a risk of damage to an adjoining property. Retaining walls 1 metre or more in height must also have a building permit.


Fences and Permits

Fencing permits are not required for:

  • Construction of a side or boundary fence that is 2 metres high and not within 3 metres of street alignment

  • Construction of a brick fence that is 1.2 metres high and not within 9 metres of a point of intersection of street alignments

  • Construction of a timber front fence not more than 1.5 metres in height and not within 9 metres of a point of intersection of street alignments

Fencing permits are required for:

  • Construction of a side or boundary fence more than 2 metres high

  • Construction of a fence that is more than 1 metre high, within 9 metres of the point of intersection of street alignments


Quality of Work and Attention to Detail

Here at Miller’s we are committed to using only the best quality materials, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. High quality materials are particularly important when it comes to fencing and retaining walls, because the end result needs to be robust enough to withstand the elements over the long term. We always use top quality fixtures for hardware and moving parts like handles and latches, and this commitment to quality also extends to the tiny details that you don’t always see – like concrete, footings, nails and screws. All of this ensures longevity for our projects, and it’s something we take pride in doing.