Retaining Wall Design

As retaining wall design specialists we know how to add value while ensuring durability and structural integrity.

You need to consider design, construction, engineering, and legal requirements when planning your retaining wall design. You want your retaining wall design to match the existing style of the house facade while accentuating the architectural features of your home. We can help you to achieve the look and feel that is right for your property, by working closely with you to determine the best design for your retaining wall. If you have a style in mind that you would like us to match, we can recreate that design for you.

As retaining wall design specialists we know how to add aesthetic value to your property whilst also ensuring durability, weathering and structural integrity. We have an extensive knowledge of design styles, materials, and engineering and council by-law requirements. We can design a retaining wall to match your aesthetic, whether it be contemporary, federation, country or ultra-modern. We also understand heritage buildings, which means that we can harmonise your retaining wall design with the existing house and garden design in order to preserve the historic integrity of your property.

One of our team can arrange to meet with you onsite, in order to chat about what you wish to achieve and the types of permits and engineering that might be required for your retaining wall. As part of our consultation, we will help you identify whether any of these conditions are required, and will handle it on your behalf in order to make the experience completely hassle free.

Do I Need a Permit?

As a general rule:

Building permits ARE NOT required for landscaping and retaining walls that are less than 1 metre in height, as long as they are not associated with other building work or with the protection of an adjoining property.

Building permits ARE required for retaining walls that are constructed on or near site boundaries where there is a risk of damage to an adjoining property. Retaining walls 1 metre or more in height must also have a building permit.


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